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As sharp as their SHEARS.

Who We Are

25 Years on the Avenue



Anthony has owned Anthony's Barber Styling for 25 years, and he's been cutting hair since he was a teenager. He loves sitting down with his clients, finding a hairstyle that fits their face, and helping them walk out of the shop with a stylish haircut and a smile.

Anthony's aim is to use his philosophy and the skills he has developed and honed through the years. He wants to use all the knowledge he has learned from older barbers and senior stylists over the years, and to share these skills with everyone on his team.  He is all about giving quality haircuts. Anthony's greatest praise is when a client comes back into his chair.  Some of these clients have been with Anthony from the beginning:
30 years!


Tina Silipigni cutting hair at Anthony's

Tina is a co-owner of the shop with her brother Anthony.  She has treasured working alongside Anthony (her mentor) for over 20 years. 

She enjoys the banter and the laughter across the shop between barbers and clients . "Such a fun work environment, we laugh a lot!"

Tina takes her time to give a quality haircut. She really listens to what her clients are asking for in a hairstyle and sometimes adds a little added advice to make her clients very pleased with the end result.

Tina is especially good with styling kids of all ages.  She is very patient and most of the time she has a very calming affect on the little ones.  She gives them a prize at the end and loves seeing the kiddos with a big smile on their faces!

Tina's greatest praise is hearing the clients say "Anthony and Tina make us feel like we are part of the family."


ed cutting hair

Ed came to Anthony's because he "wanted to cut and shave at the best shop in the area, bar none. The best cuts, great atmosphere, great barbers and clients." It’s family owned and run by people born here and it’s very community oriented. Ed has owned a house here since ‘89 and believes community is key. His goal? Helping to raise the barbering standards and expectations of clients. Staying informed, honing skills, staying current. He specializes in beards and straight edge shaves.

You can find photos of his hair cuts on his Instagram page.

Our Team


What Our Clients Say

I've been having Anthony cut my hair for the past 10 years. I've lived in Arlington, Newton and now Lexington. I keep coming back because Anthony spends the time to get my hair right. He is also a great person and always remembers my name. I feel I am visiting a friend.

Jerold G.

Come here a couple of times, I've been extremely satisfied.  Friendly service with a great sense of community, especially as other customers come in.  I like the vibe here because I feel comfortable and welcome.  Will go here again for my next hair cut.

Alex C.

I have been going to this place since I moved to Boston. The best haircut I have ever got since I have been in U.S for 5 years now.

I can say here is somebody who really knows how to do a master cut. Every1 is soo friendly here.  I personally get my hair done from TINA and yeah she is great!!

CONCLUSION: Awesome customer service and a great hair cut!!

Sumit D.

Great local barber shop that I wish I would have found sooner. After being quarantined I was in desperate need of a haircut when my regular place was closed. I texted for an appointment and was able to get a time. Tina was great! Walked out with an amazing fresh cut tailored perfect to what I wanted. Found my new spot. Thanks Tina! See you and the crew soon.

Matt M.

Tina and Anthony run the shop. They are very friendly and have a lot of regulars. They spend a sufficient amount of time with each customer to produce satisfactory results and a good haircut. Have tried many barbers in the area but keep coming back here...even though I recently moved to Maine... My hair was getting a little long but I was tired of the boys regular haircuts I get in Maine.

Paul F.

Just got back from getting my hair cut. Been going to Anthony for years.  Does the same good job every time.  Nice, friendly atmosphere and very pleasant people.  I get your basic haircut but they do all types.  I've seen women getting haircuts here too. Yes, they do take the time to get you hair hair cut until you're completely satisfied.

Fred J.

I've gotten my hair cut by Ed the past few months and he is incredible! He takes his time to make sure that you're happy with the end result. I've also received lots of compliments on my hair after getting it cut from this location.

Everyone here is friendly as well - makes getting your hair cut an enjoyable experience rather than feeling like a chore!

David G.


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